Traditional Fashion Vogue in Pakistan

Are you a fashion admirer? Are you interested in hand-made accessories? Do you want traditional touch in modern fashion vogue? Do you want to know more about traditional fashion trend?
Then here you go… Traditional Fashion Vogue in Pakistan is an online doorway that provides the native fashion lovers to know more about conventional dressing. As Traditional dresses and accessories are hard to find in the urbanized market set-up because they are designed in the rural set-up and are mostly hand-made. But in the recent years, the latest fashion vogue has also engrossed the traditional touch in their designs. The clothing business, based on unique traditional styling, is expanding rapidly in the country. Some famous branded boutiques: Rang Ja, Khaadi and Tana Bana, are providing the traditional fashion lovers, with the wide range of dresses and accessories.
Pakistan enjoys a remarkable standing in the rich cultures on the face of globe. Pakistan has a beautiful traditional culture and therefore Pakistani traditional cloth wearing is famous all around the world.The traditional dresses sometimes represent a particular region or culture of an area and sometimes represent an amalgamation of culture from all four provinces of Pakistan.
Women’s version in fashion includes multiple variety of shalwar kameez with short and long shirts, churidar pajama, broad palazzo pants, patiala shalwar, lehnga and the unique frocks. Such kinds of dresses are available in casual and formal wearing both. Mostly the dresses catch the eye of people with heavy work including: hand-embroidery, sitarey-moti, gota-kinari, fascinating lace, and dabka. Women are more willing to go for such kind of dresses for wedding ceremonies. And for a bride and bride-groom, the wedding is impossible without traditional suit.
And for men, variety wide ranges from sherwani, achkan with karakulli hat, shalwar kameez and waistcoat. Men’s patterns come with masculine colors like grey, black and blue.
Currently, the most emerging in Fashion Vogue are the Pashtoon frocks of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. These are loose-fitted and fancy looking frocks rich with velvet colors, mainly presenting the tribal culture in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and called “Koochi”. These frocks are embellished with traditional accessories and motif.
Pakistani traditional vogue in fashion is successfully prevailing and achieving world-wide popularity; because traditional vogue in dresses comes in modern patterns. Thus, attracting the people all around the world, it is providing fashion with the different vogue. And this online portal facilitates you to enjoy information about traditional fashion vogue in Pakistan.
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