Styles in Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is the national dress in Pakistan for men and women both. Different in style, it is considered modest and comfortable dress. It can be worn as casual and formal both. In the emerging fashion society, shalwar kameez has appeared in many different styles. As to provide wide range of choices in shalwar kameez, styles have kept modifying. A decade ago, short shirt was highly in-fashion. Where as simple shalwar took the form of slim trouser with broad ends, mainly called flapper. This trend of short shirt with flapper was observed highly stylish. Then came the trend of broad patiala shalwar with narrow ends. Patiala shalwar became an ideal combination to be worn with short shirt. This trend lasted for long till short shirt increased its length and became long shirt where as in combination chooridar pajama replaced patiala shalwar. This trend was observed as the most prevailing style through out the country. Even brides preferred wearing long shirts with lehnga. Currently, broad palazzo pants have introduced with short shirts again. And in kameez, fashion designers have introduced multiple styles for example: A-line kameez, butterfly, misri, baggy shirt and many more. These revived changes in shalwar kameez styles have made it worth wearing in every era.
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