Pakistani famous make-up artists

No. 1 Akif Ilyas 
Design beautician cum-picture taker, Akif Ilyas is doubtlessly the best-known Pakistani famous make-up artists , who is known for mysterious change of female marvels into heart-throbbing Pakistani brides.young and vivacious Akif Ilyas landed on the style scene as a beautician in the mid 90s and soon turned into a standout amongst the most respected and loved beauticians among acclaimed models, TV performers, and film stars to conventional individuals like Stylist Akif Ilyas chips away at his logic 'Cosmetics ought to be fun, not rightist' and feels persuaded by the vibe great goals of acknowledgement, mixed bag and the vain universe of magnificence. While one may perplex on how it is he discovers satisfaction in an industry known for its triviality and elitism, Akif's words are regardless getting and the touches of his brushes enlivened. 
No. 2 Alle`nora 
In the realm of magnificence and fabulousness, Alle'nora turns into the ideal embodiment of young lady's fantasy to look dazzlingly wonderful with all her values, goals and distinction. Since its foundation in 1997, Alle'nora has effectively settled itself as one of the top salons in Pakistan. Aliya Tipu is the innovative Pakistani famous make-up artists behind the whole group of Alle'nora, who without a doubt knows how to make enchantment with her brushes, in the same way as a strong painter sprinkling the enchantment of his creative ability into a canvas. In addition, Aliya dependably verifies the whole cosmetics and is carried out by her for extreme perfection.Fashion beautician Aliya Tipu has in excess of 22 years of experience and is a dynamic part of Tony & Gay and Vidal Sasson. She accepts that every spouse merits an unique look which best suits her identity, her face structure and her particular longing to look lovely on her exceptional day. Aliya is well known for her stunning and hypnotizing eye make-up and she feels that eyes are the most crucial piece of each young lady's face and must be accentuated to the maximum.currently Aliya is likewise offering and showing her mesmerizingmakeup abilities to her little girl Aana A. Khan. Both mother and girl work eagerly to keep up the measures and professionalism of Alle'nora.alle'nora is without a doubt outmaneuver and unmatched as far as quality and administration. It has separate ranges for waxing, nail trims, pedicures, facials, cosmetics, in addition to a committed hair salon zone. Also, a huge holding up parlor with AC and TV to make the spouses' visitors agreeable while they hold up. Complimentary espresso, tea, squeeze and snacks are likewise served. Vast generators are on stand-by to evade any detriment or inconvenience if there should be an occurrence of force blackouts. An alternate helpful administration at Alle'nora is the youngster mind which is given to their visitors while they get excellence administrations. Also a lot of stopping is constantly accessible. 
No. 3 Asmaa Mumtaaz 
Beautician Asmaa Mumtaaz, the lady behind the tense looks of a few Maria B battles, the Nickie n Nina at PFDC Fashion Week, is without one of the Pakistani famous make-up artists , who accepts ladies ought to certainly express their uniqueness and grasp their interesting beautician Asmaa Mumtaaz utilizes her striking brush strokes on the same conviction to make ladies look like what they truly are, dynamic, vivid and alive. Asmaa has constantly utilized craftsmanship as a stage to investigate her emotions and remark on issues encompassing her, whether its compelling artwork or configuration, design shoots or shows, cosmetics or hair, Asmaasuccessfully makes pictures that fill the wide limits of art.asmaa's rationality sways ladies to grasp their internal identities and strikingly voice their sentiments through what they wear and how they wear it. Her cosmetics dependably improves the identity and character covered up underneath the thousand layers of bashful and chicken heartedness. She precisely looks at the characters and outward appearances of her ladies and afterward begins with her strong strokes to bring out the living lady from beautician Asmaa Mumtaz has as of late opened her studio called 'The Dresser' to give a style-delicious measurements of idiosyncratic and tense.
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